Maintenance version.

Two reminders:

  • you should depend on specs2-core and other specific specs2 jars instead of depending on the full specs2 jar (see details here)
  • if you depend on the full specs2 jar or on specs2-matcher-extra then you need to add "bintray" at "" to your resolvers


  • added a beCloseTo(100.13 within 2.significantFigures) matcher (by @FrontierOtr) #303


  • check the difference of collections only at report time
  • improve the speed of collection differences: added optimization in the n^2 loop of findBestMatch (by @mustajarvi) #300


  • fixed a typo in Context.scala (by Artem Pyanykh) #302
  • fixed the passing of quoted arguments: sbt> test-only -- ex "this example" will only execute examples with description matching .*this description.*
  • fixed a compilation issue with TaskMatchers