Maintenance version


  • added await on Future[T : AsResult] to directly return a result #241
  • added a NoStdOutAroundExample trait to remove any console output during an example execution
  • added an onDistinctValues on contain matchers to specify that checks must apply to distinct values. Changed the implementation of allOf to be onDistinctValues(false) so that Seq(1) must contain(allOf(1, 1)) will not fail. For a match on distinct values, use Seq(1) must contain(allOf(1, 1)).onDistinctValues or Seq(1) must contain(eachOf(1, 1))
  • added the stacktrace of the caught exception in the failure message of a throwAn[Exception] matcher #250


  • matcher.toSet, matcher.toSeq, matcher.forall... are now deprecated since they can be expressed more clearly by using collection matchers


  • fixed contain matchers when using them with not
  • documented the use of argThat #240
  • fixed the or combinator on MatchResult when the first evaluation throws an Exception
  • fixed the AllExpectations trait when an evaluation throws an Exception
  • fixed the use of DataTables in mutable specifications when the datatable is successful and there are following expectations
  • added back the missing specs2.files object
  • using the arguments stacktrace filter for specifying a Result location. This allows custom matcher results to get a better location #254
  • fixed the counting of expectations when using and between results