This version adds new features on top of 1.5. The first set of features rely on the storage of execution results for each run (in the specs2-report/stats directory by default):

  • executing an index page with see links referencing other specifications now displays their status correctly
  • it is possible to execute only previously failed/error examples with the wasIssue argument
  • it is possible to display only pending, or skipped examples with a status flag. For example show("!o") will only show errors and skipped examples
  • reports now show the differences with the previous execution: 3 examples, 1 failure (-1), 1 error (+1)
  • storing results can be completely deactivated with the neverStore argument
  • the arguments api has evolved a bit because the number of arguments exceeds the maximum number of function parameters (see the Runners guide for the complete description of the Arguments api and new arguments)

The other features are:

  • html reports with issues have a link to display only the failed examples
  • DataTables are now contravariant
  • an exception is thrown if a null matcher is passed to an expectable
  • new ThrownMessages trait for generic integration with other libraries
  • new haveInterface matcher
  • new mutable BeforeAfter trait (was missing,...)

And some fixes:

  • fixed the issue with -Dcolor=false not being recognized
  • reworked the Given/When/Then specifications indentation so that formatting fragments can now be used to adjust the display
  • fixed a typechecking issue with Mockito specifications
  • fixed auto-examples when no 'end' fragment is used at the end of the specification
  • fixed issue 30: IndexOutOfBoundsException with auto-examples