This version adds a few enhancements to 1.13

  • added the possibility to use Before/After contexts with G/W/T specifications c106108
  • stacktraces which are bigger than 1000 lines are truncated in the middle with a visible message explaining that fullstacktrace can be used to get the full trace e6a502f
  • when using the ThrownExpectation trait, the failure method now throws an exception (for consistency) (f999b17)
  • added an example in the User Guide to show how to add execution information to an example in the console (to show execution times for example) 44aa99e
  • changed the Specification trait to an abstract class and introduced a SpecificationLike trait instead. This should speed-up compilation times of about 0.5 seconds per specification
  • added a selection operator for JSON matchers #133
  • added the possibility to use String matchers to match key and values in JSON matchers (StackOverflow question)
  • breaking change: removed the separators method on the Diffs trait because it is unused 58b55b4

And some fixes

  • clients of the Notifier interface must not notified of successful examples when the showOnly flag is set c251588
  • updated the documentation to show that andThen must be used with Mockito 4671536
  • auto-examples must be displayed when using the ScalaCheck trait #127
  • fixed the exponential execution time with G/W/T specifications #129
  • fixed the contain.only matcher with a custom equality relationship 73aafae
  • fixed the re-throwing of thrown failures with the and combinator beef2be
  • fixed the and combinator for Results #132
  • fixed the exception matchers when an Exception is expected and an Error is thrown #134