Maintenance version.


  • it is possible to use Int, Boolean, String and Traversable matchers with JsonMatchers #306 and #307

  • moved the setting of stacktraces on match results to the Expectations to a method. This means that now the MustMatchers object can be used outside specs2 without filling-in stacktraces (which impacts performances). On the other hand, when you mix MustMatchers trait, MatchResults will get a location (by generating a stacktrace). This behaviour can be deactivated by mixing-in the org.specs2.matcher.NoExpectationStackTrace trait

  • showing more precise differences when trying to check the equality of maps


  • added details to a forall check when one of the checks has failure details
  • various small fixes on collection matchers
  • passing all method's arguments to mock's callback function #308 by @dratewka