This version adds new features on top of 1.7.1:

  • added an Analysis trait to specify dependencies between packages (using the classycle project)
  • added traits to selectively remove implicits: NoMustExpectations, NoShouldExpectations, NoBooleanAutoExamples, NoArgProperties, NoDebug, NoPendingUntilFixed, NoContexts
  • DataTables can now be used as an example without giving a description. The DataTable itself will be used as the example description
  • contain matchers can now be adapted to allow a more flexible definition of "containment"
  • reworked the Matchers guide with tabs to get an easier access to all the matchers documentation
  • upgraded to Mockito 1.9.0 (inline stubbing + verification ignoring stubbed methods)
  • added the \> and \>~ xml matchers to match Text nodes (aliases: textIs, textMatches)
  • issue 55: added system exit codes on the ClassRunner main method

And some fixes:

  • fixed the creation of the table of contents when there are linked specifications
  • fixed issue 51: specify a partial match for ParserMatchers
  • fixed issue 52: added a there was no(mock).interaction expression (corresponding to Mockito's verifyZeroInteractions)
  • fixed issue 54: reporting the data frequencies when using ScalaCheck
  • fixed issue 57: correct location on ScalaCheck failures