This version adds new features on top of 1.6.1:

  • Mockito settings (name, defaultAnswer, extraInterfaces) can be specified during mock creation
  • issue #39: results are now printed to the console as soon as executed
  • added an implicit function to allow the use of generators in ScalaCheck properties: forAll(generator) { p => p must matchSomething }
  • added forall/foreach/atLeastOnce to check a function returning a Result several times: ((i: Int) => i must be_<=(2)).forall(Seq(1, 2, 3, 4)) or forall(Seq((1, 2), (3, 4))) { case (a, b) => a must be_<(b) } }
  • added TerminationMatchers to check if that a block of code terminates within a reasonable amount of time
  • added containAllOf/containAnyOf collection matchers taking sequences as parameters (instead of varargs)
  • added new matchers to allow Parser matchers to partially consume their input: beAPartialSuccess (issue #46)

And fixes some issues:

  • delayed a MatchResult evaluation when transforming it to a Prop avoid issues with properties implication
  • display of Arrays in failures like Array(1, 2) === Array(1, 3)
  • issue #40: incorrect line number for a failure in a mutable specification
  • issue #41: missing specification title when using sbt
  • issue #45: fixed the evaluation of result1 and result2 so that result2 doesn't get evaluated if result1 succeeds
  • issue #46: fixed the parser matchers which should consume all input
  • issue #47: proper display of DataTables in the console
  • fixed the find.withGroups matcher (was not matching several groups)