This version adds new features on top of 1.4:

  • datatables are now formatted as html tables when using the HtmlRunner (issue 22)
  • added some implicit conversions to allow a better reuse of Given/When/Then steps with variant types
  • added a specs2.whitebg property to specify a white background and get a better color scheme in the console
  • using the DelayedInit trait to allow the proper use of mutable.Before/After traits in mutable specifications
  • Auto-examples can now span several lines

And some fixes:

  • fixed issue 20: reflection error when using maven/surefire
  • added back the possibility to use the example description in the example body
  • fixed issue 23: specification of system properties
  • fixed a missing quote in the documentation messing up the layout
  • fixed a time formatting issue when > 1 hour in the statistics
  • changed the API so that org.specs2.reporter.Colors and org.specs2.reporter.ConsoleColors switch names for better abstraction
  • fixed issue 24: html resources not found
  • fixed the output of html files to use utf-8
  • fixed issue 26: newlines in descriptions are causing display issues with Eclipse