This version adds new features on top of 1.3:

  • A JUnit XML reporter to create junit-xml files usable for continuous integration
  • updated to the latest pegdown release
  • Auto-examples can be used even if the specification class doesn't have the same name as the file containing it
  • added a beAnInstanceOf matcher
  • added a haveLength matcher (alias for haveSize)
  • the colors used for the text output can be customized
  • added a mute method on matchers to remove messages (used in Forms and Props to just color cells when there is a failure)
  • added a see method to create an html link to another specification without executing it
  • better Contexts description in the UserGuide
  • added the possibility to define an implicit Context to avoid duplication
  • removed the possibility to use the description of an Example in the body of the example (use the Given-When-Then support instead)
  • added a be_==~ matcher to match with an implicit conversion
  • using sbt 0.10.0

And some fixes:

  • better display for Array expectables
  • filtering stacktraces for html output
  • various fixes for Forms and Properties evaluations
  • fixed the ThrownExpectation issue where mixing it to an Acceptance spec had no effect
  • fixed a sequencing issue when there are 2 consecutive Steps with no example in between