This version adds new features on top of 1.2:

  • more consistent ScalaCheck implicits + syntactic sugar to use custom Arbitrary instances
  • decoupled a run method on the object for easier execution of specifications in the console (inspired by Bill Venners's work on the ScalaTest shell)
  • html files can be executed from Intellij by adding the html option in the test options
  • added an example showing how to create a index.html page with links to all the specifications
  • refactored the use of scalaz. specs2 now has its own version of the scalaz classes packaged as org.specs2.internal.scalaz and published as a separate dependency. This allows the scalaz team to use specs2 to specify other scalaz versions.

And some fixes:

  • BeEqualTo matcher is now a Matcher[Any] to be better aligned with the == method. BeTypedEqualTo or be_=== can be used for typed equality
  • BeEqualTo is more resilient to nulls
  • AssertionErrors are treated as Failures
  • InOrder calls bug in Mockito
  • The filtering of examples works ok now with \r characters
  • JUnit Description methods return expected values for getTestClass, getDisplayName...