This version adds lots of small fixes:

And small improvements:

  • the org.specs2.mutable.Tables trait can be used in mutable specifications in lieu of the DataTables trait. It lifts the implicit definition conflict with the ! method when the type of the elements in the first column is String
  • added haveOneElementLike and haveAllElementsLike to check if some elements in a collection are validated by a PartialFunction
  • extended the JSON matchers to use regular expressions
  • refactored the NotifierRunner so that all the specifications of a package can be executed in Intellij
  • added a propNoShrink method to create ScalaCheck properties which will not shrink counter-examples
  • any function returning a Result can be converted implicitly to a ScalaCheck Prop
  • added the possibility to specify the random generator that is used for ScalaCheck
  • added the possibility to set a custom failure message on a matcher