This version adds a new feature and some small adjustements on top of 1.10:

  • added a new exporter to create markup files from specifications (".md" files are created with the "markup" option on the command-line). This can be used to generate wikipages for Github
  • added a org.specs2.matcher.NoThrownExpectations trait to prevent exceptions from being thrown on mutable.Specifications if necessary
  • extended the TraversableMatchers to GenTraversableOnce instead of GenTraversable
  • examples can now be defined with a function taking in an implicit context and returning a ScalaCheck property (it only took an expression with a Matcher before)
  • opened-up the Arguments api, so that it is possible to create an Arguments instance from a string of command-line arguments
  • added orSkip and orPending methods on matchers where the message to display is fully customizable
  • added an example specification to show how to create a trait to add a timeout for each example

And some fixes:

  • the icons on the index page should reflect the specification status
  • issue 82: proper checking of Function0 parameters throwing an Exception with Mockito
  • issue 83: fixed the regression of behavior for setting up answers on mocks. It is now possible to a function taking the mock being invoked as a parameter