This version adds new features on top of 1.9:

  • added a skipAllUnless(condition) to skip examples unless a condition is verified
  • added a CommandLineArguments trait to access the command-line arguments and use them to build the specification or to specialize the examples behaviour
  • added a notoc argument to avoid generating a table of contents
  • added the possibility to add a css/specs2-user.css file to customize the display of the html documentation
  • a specification can be included in another one so that it will be executed at the same time but not displayed: include(childSpec.hide)
  • added the possibility to change the directory where the html documentation is generated: class S extends Specification { def is = "Guide".title.baseDirIs("guide") ^ end }
  • improved the error message when there is an Error thrown from an Example (see this StackOverflow question)

And some fixes:

  • issue 72: fixed a NullPointerException when receiving an AssertionError with a null message
  • issue 78: show the exception stacktrace when thrown from a ScalaCheck property